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Hikers Gift Guide

Looking for a gift for a fellow hiker but have no idea what to get, or what the items are even for?! Let us help you out with this hiking gift guide!

Hiking Logbook ($160)

Best for: New hikers

A hiking logbook is a great way to keep track of all the hikes you have completed and lock in the memories that go with them. As you start to fly through the hikes it’s easy to forget the details and experiences from the day. Our own hiking logbook has entries for your hikes, as well as entries for 12 of Hong Kong’s most famous peaks and for Hong Kong’s formidable long trails.  Its a completionist dream….or nightmare!

Do you know someone who may want to start hiking, a spouse or child? This makes for a great hiking gift.

Logbook 3.jpg

Sweat Towel ($100)

Best for: Everyone!

Do not leave home without it! If you hike in Hong Kong, then trust me, you will be sweating a lot! Attach a hiking towel to your back pack so it is always handy, then wipe away as you push up those hills.

This is truly a game changer. I started hiking without one and would have to squint through the beads of sweat that poured over my eyebrows. I then saw one in a shop and realised how essential this little bit of material is. So pick one up for new hikers, or experienced hikers who need a bit more variety with their towels. Make sure it’s a micro fibre towel, so it dries while not in use.


Neck Gaiter ($100)

Best for: All season hikers

A neck what? Never heard of one, don’t worry, outside of hikers not many people have. Hit the trails and you’ll soon see every other hiker has one of these around their head, neck or wrist. This truly multipurpose item will become your favourite little piece of cloth! Wear it as a headband to keep the hair, and sweat, out of your face. On cold mornings use it as a neck scarf. On truly hot days, make it wet and wear it as a bandana to keep you cool. 

If you know someone into hiking, they will have one of these already. But worry not, they will want more!


Best for: Taking it to the next level

We can’t emphasise enough the importance of water. If you think you have packed enough….then pack a bit more. When you’re starting out, water bottles work fine, but they are cumbersome and require off loading your backpack to replenish. Hikers who want to hike regularly will be looking for a backpack with a water pouch. There are many to choose from, and they all work well.

We decided to stock military hiking back packs because of their unique Molle system. You can add extra pouches to your back back depending on the hike. A short hike, just use the back pack. Going for an epic trek? Then add a medical pouch, snack pouch and more.

If you’re looking for a gift that evolves, go for this as the combinations are endless.


Hiking is tough, no doubt about that. So why not display tokens of your achievements. That’s exactly why we made lapel pins of our favourite peaks, and patches for Hong Kong’s long trails. So if you know someone who has conquered one of these trails, or looking for the motivation, then this will make the perfect hiking gift.


Check out our full merchandise collection here.

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