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How to hike Dragon's Back

How to hike Dragon's Back

The undulating ridges of Dragon's Back is a popular trail in Hong Kong, and was even ranked one of the world's 23 best trails by CNN in 2019. Although the full trail makes up 8km of the Hong Kong trail and takes a total of four hours to complete, the Trail Challenger time trials finishes at the viewing point, where you will be rewarded with stunning views of Hong Kong Island's southernmost point.
Though the longest of the time trials at 2.52km, this is one of the easier challenges and is a good starting point for those new to the time trials!


Length: 2.52 kilometres
Elevation Gain: 352m
Difficulty: 2/5
To get to the start of the Dragon's Back time trials, you will need to walk along the Hong Kong Forest Track - Mount Collinson Section to the start of the trail signposted "Dragon's Back".
Once you see this sign, followed by the stairs heading up to the trail, be sure to “Open Hike” on Trail Challenger for the Dragon's Back time trials and hit “Start” before you begin your climb. Although the initial section of this trail is rather shaded, the rest of the trail will be rather exposed, so be sure to come prepared, or tackle this time trial during cooler climates. Within the first 20 minutes (- or less, depending on how quickly you ascend the first peak) you will reach the first viewing point at 284m, with views over the Shek O peninsula. From here, you can admire the coastline and the ridges of this trail, and truly appreciate how the trail got its name.
As you continue to follow the winding path as it undulates over each ridge, you will eventuall come to Dragon's Back Viewing Point, which marks the end of this time trial. The app will automatically record your time, and you now have the opportunity to see how you rank compared to other users that have also completed this time trial.
Take in the spectacular views of Tai Tam Bay and Lamma in the distance, before continuing on to finish the rest of the trail at your own pace.
Not only do you get to enjoy one of Hong Kong's best urban trails, but you have also just earned yourself a free Dragon's Back enamel pin by completing this time trial.
If you fancy another challenge, check out the other time trials or earn yourself a medal by completing a long trail via the app!
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