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How to hike the Hong Kong Trail

How to hike the Hong Kong Trail

The Hong Kong trail is the best introduction to thru-hiking (or through hiking) in Hong Kong, and takes you through some of the city’s most iconic spots in the form of Victoria Peak, Tai Tam and Dragon’s Back.
However, don’t be fooled - this trail is no walk in the park, and although it is the shortest of the long-distance trails in Hong Kong at 46km, it can take one to two days to complete in one go and has an elevation gain of over 1700m.
Hang on! 46km? Isn’t the Hong Kong trail 50km?
Well-spotted! Although official data rounds this trail up to 50km, GPS data records the Hong Kong trail at 46km and as our Trail Challenger app uses GPS data, these are the numbers we’re relying on!
Length: 46 kilometres
Elevation Gain: 1707m Difficulty: 4/5
Recommended Hike Plan
If you’re a beginner or prefer to tackle this trail by sections, we recommend tackling this trail over three days and have outlined our recommended hiking plan below! As The Peak is 400m above sea level compared to Big Wave Bay’s 105m, we suggest starting from The Peak, unless you really want to make this hike even more challenging!
Day 1 - 18km (6 hours)
Stage 1 - 7km (2 hours)
The Peak - Pok Fu Lam Reservoir
Markers H001 - H014
The first leg of Hong Kong Trail starts at marker H001, located on Lugard Road, taking you along the rather gentle, scenic path of Pok Fu Lam Family Walk, with views overlooking Hong Kong Island, its iconic harbour and neighbouring Kowloon. Once you get to the fork at Harlech Road, you will have the opportunity to top up on water at the water filling station, and making any toilet stops at the Hatton Road Public Toilet nearby, before you continue on to Pok Fu Lam Country Park, via Lung Fu Shan Country Park.
Stage 2 - 4.5km (2 hours)
Pok Fu Lam Reservoir - Peel Rise
Markers H014 - H025
Though generally considered a linking trail between Section 1 and 3, a majority of this walk follows a paved path along the contour of the hills between Pok Fu Lam to Peel Rise, making this section a relatively flat and manageable walk for families with children. This section offers views over Cyberport, Aberdeen and the Lamma Channel.
Stage 3 - 6.5km (2 hours)
Peel Rise - Wan Chai Gap
Markers H026 - H037
This section of the walk steers away from the paved paths of Section 1 and 2, and takes us along a mostly shaded, and well-trodden dirt path towards Aberdeen Country Park, ending at marker H037 at Aberdeen Reservoir Road.
Day 2 - 16km (5 hours)
Stage 4 - 7.5km (2 hours)
Wan Chai Gap - Wong Nai Chung Road
Markers H038 - H050
This stretch of the trail starts off near Wan Chai Gap Park, where you will have the opportunity to purchase snacks and drinks at the kiosk, and use the facilities before you set off through Aberdeen Country Park. A majority of this walk follows well-paved paths between the start, at marker H038, to the end of Black’s Link, at marker H050, with a bit of an uphill climb at H044.
Stage 5 - 4km (1.5 hours)
Wong Nai Chung Road - Mount Parker Road
Markers H051-H059
Although this section is one of the shortest, it involves a slog uphill, along Wong Nai Chung Road, and is probably considered one of the more challenging sections of the Hong Kong trail. To prep yourself for the climbs, you will have the opportunity to refuel at Sinopec gas station (pun intended) just at the start of this section.
Halfway up the hill, at Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Park, and again at the start of the trail, just after you turn off Tai Tam Reservoir Road, after the small parking bay to your left, you will have the opportunity for a bathroom break, should nature call.
The upward incline continues, as you wind through Tai Tam Country Park towards Jardine’s Lookout, tackling two peaks over Jacob’s Ladder, before you are rewarded with views of Victoria Harbour, Mount Butler and Quarry Bay after an elevation of 350m.
Stage 6 - 4.5km (1.5 hours)
Mount Parker Road - Tai Tam Road
Markers H060 - H068
It’s all downhill from here ( - literally, not metaphorically)! As soon as you come off the dirt trail and rejoin the concrete road of Mount Parker, the paved road continues down towards Tai Tam Upper Reservoir. Here you will follow Tai Tam Reservoir Road, through the stunning backdrop of the reservoir and Tai Tam Country Park, before turning off onto a dirt path at H065. At marker H066, you will pass Tai Tam Mound Waterfall where you can go off piste for a quick detour, before coming out at Tai Tam Road, concluding Day 2 of this trail.
Day 3 - 16km (5.5 hours)
Stage 7 - 7.5km (2 hours)
Tai Tam Road - To Tei Wan
Markers H068 - H084
Continuing on from marker H068 at Tai Tam Road, the final stretch of this trail of Section 7 and 8, will have you meandering your way through Shek O Country Park. For a majority of Section 7, you will follow the coastal path of Tai Tam Harbour, which is relatively flat and manageable, but the last few paces involve a slight climb as you head towards Shek O Road.
If you’re looking for a pitstop and the chance to replenish your supplies, there is a small store in the nearby To Tai Wan Tsuen, where you can stock up on refreshments and water.
Stage 8 - 8.5km (3 hours)
To Tei Wan - Big Wave Bay (Tai Long Wan)
Markers H084 - H100
The well-known trail of Dragon’s Back, marks the start of Section 8, and is rated the tenth best city hiking trail in the world by Lonely Planet, and Asia’s best urban hikes.
Its name comes from the undulating ridge which resembles the spine of a dragon, and leads you up and over Shek O Peak, around the base of Mount Collinson, before looping you back to Tai Long Wan or “Big Wave Bay”.
Not only do you get to end the trail in a convenient location where taxis are a plenty, but there are a number of toilets along the way, rewarding views from the Southern most point of Hong Kong Island, and you get to end the walk on a sweet note by tucking into some refreshments and snacks at the kiosk by the beach.
Not to mention, you have also just completed the Hong Kong Trail!
Looking to make this trail a little more rewarding? Download the Trail Challenger app and challenge your friends to see who can complete it the fastest! The app tracks your progress using GPS, and if you purchase the Gift Box via the website, you’ll earn a nice shiny medal to show for it! Click here to learn more.
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